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I Miss Reading! February 19, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Books, Random Thoughts.

Displaying the prize book covers [via Webshots]

I feel so ashamed after reading this! I haven’t been reading for a long time! The most recent book is Hallowed Bones by Carolyn Haines. I still have to return it before the date due. I miss reading. Library has books but there were times I hate it when there are missing pages. The best worst part about those missing pages were that those were the most exciting and crucial to the next event.

Books are my friends. I can devour one 300-page in 2 hours 😀 I can go on diet when reading. The kind where I don’t eat and drink for the whole day with my mom hollering at me to bathe, eat and drink. 😛

Time to hit the books!



1. Reading After a Long Hiatus « A Mind of My Own - July 11, 2007

[…] I missed reading. Although, this book was interesting at first, I got disrupted by the first and third person narration. The flow was there but the narration caught me off track a few times. Been quite some time since I did a book review. I used to do a book review in primary school because it was part of the homework. Everyone would get a few pieces of the paper with various designs and use any to submit the completed review. I had fun with all those designs. I had even more fun reading. […]

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