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I Hate Income Tax! February 15, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Career.

I do hate this time of the year. The income tax has to be filed. Urgh! The down side to working life. Another down side to it? Realising that you don’t feel cut out to the job that gives you high pay and not enjoying the work except staying on because of the high pay. The pay provides the necessary things such as paying off the bank loan for the flat, house, car, feed the large family, get the kids to school, pay the ever-increasing electricity and water bills, and more bills.

Is that all to working? No. I try to hold on to the belief that one day; one day, I will enjoy my career as it is without worrying incessantly about the bills. Inflation rate is increasing every year anyway and there’s no way to stop it. Like there’s no way to stop controversy on the use of the headscarf usually used by Muslims or the recent anti-war scarf (which I can’t understand why it’s called anti-war by Urban Outfitters, it’s since stopped the sales of it) called keffiyah.

I hate to file my income tax. Since all my information is supposed to be stored in the system, why can’t they process it instead of me keying in everything? Oh, I forgot, there are some income not registered; such as taxi drivers, shop owners, etc.

I hate this time of the year. I hate income tax. I have earned it, so why am I being taxed for it?



1. - February 16, 2007

Does that mean you need to pay income tax this year?

Thank you for building the nation!


2. WishBoNe - February 16, 2007

I sure hope I’m not being taxed for it this year.
I want my 80% subsidiary for furthering my studies too!

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