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Cards Sending February 9, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Emails, Friendship, Random Thoughts, Relationships, Technology and Gadgets.

FloraGN3- New Year Greeting Card [via Webshots]

I haven’t been sending Christmas cards and Chinese New Year cards for a long time. I have since lost my friends’ addresses in the pile of stuff that has accumulated throughout the years. I never got around to clearing the stuff out and my parents take turns to sing song about it.

I will need my friends’ updated addresses. I won’t promise that I will be sending any cards out but I remembered the fun of filling up the 1st card with words and subsequently, the rest of the cards had shorter words, no longer paragraphs. I run out of words to write because it seems a bit silly to repeat “Merry Christmas!” and “新年快乐!” on all the cards. I try to vary my words but somehow they failed me.

I used to send out eCards, although the animated ones are cool to send; they include music. It still boils down to the same problem; running out of greetings to say. These days, the cool looking animated eCards are no longer free to send out, you need to pay for monthly fees, I get to send out unlimited number of cards as long as I pay cough up the cash.

I may start my ritual of sending out cards again once I manage to compile my existing list of addresses. Can my dear friends update me on your new home addresses? Not the emails, I have, thank you.

Now, excuse me while I look for other greetings to be included in the cards such that you will each receive personalised cards.



1. Eileen - February 9, 2007

cards sending!!!!!! its been a while i send out any too.
ecard will be faster and more convenient. dun forget it is free of charge. haha…

2. WishBoNe - February 9, 2007

😆 I used free ecards but they don’t feel so warm unlike handwritten ones. hehe.

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