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64-Year-Old Man Audtioned for American Idol 6 February 2, 2007

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A friend of mine emailed me this link about this 64-year-old man who auditioned for American Idol. He got a petition to get him in because his late wife had encouraged him to do it. He did it because she was dying of cancer and he wanted to do it for her. Prepare tissue hor! He sang very well too!

😥 Longer version below.



1. me - February 2, 2007

i normally don’t catch american idols as a thumb of rule, but this is an exception. this bereaved gentleman here showed us the power of love, and music. love doesnt mean you have to be in your 20s to still feel it, and neither does music need to have fantastic instruments to convey its message. this gentleman, brought no instrument or band with him, sang with the only thing he has – his heart.

like some of the other comments of this youtube video mentioned – he is the very definition of a true gentleman. our world will be much better with more loving souls like his. God bless him, and may his beloved rest in peace.

2. WishBoNe - February 2, 2007

He is a winner to those who heard him sing. A dedicated man to his wife and he just became strong enough to audition for it even though he wanted to sing for her before she passed away.

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