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Let Me Through Then You Can Board La! February 1, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Emotions & Feelings, Random Thoughts, Technology and Gadgets, Transport.

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I hate sqeezing with others during peak hours in the MRT. I had the unfortunate experience just yesterday with this stupid people who thinks that by barricading the door, they would be able to enter when there was only 2 or 3 people alighting the train. One auntie even tsk loudly. Can you think or not? If I can’t get out at the station, I will bulldoze my way and I don’t care whether you fall down or not because you are the one who has barricaded the door and refusing the let me leave the station.

I hoped cursed the loud-tsk-auntie did not get a seat. She would have to stand all the way to her station 👿

It’s not the first time I’m complaining about public transport. I have complained about the frequency of the buses, the crowdedness of the trains and buses, the unwillingness of people moving to the back of the bus because they are going to alight at the next stop and yet never allow others to move to the back.

If there’s a way, I would not take the train during peak hours. The people simply don’t have the brains to let those who have reached their stations to alight first. I know, the announcement that the doors are closing can be unnerving but blocking the doors just makes me feel like pushing you down so that I can be on time, so think before blocking the doors la. You don’t like to be called stupid, do you?



1. - February 1, 2007

It has nothing to do with the public transport. It’s the culture of Singaporeans. They think that by squeezing into the train first they got a chance to get a seat. But they fail to realize that the train is full and no seats available.

Humans claim to be higher intelligent but in this case, their bains are the size of a pea.

2. WishBoNe - February 1, 2007

It’s this kind of thinking that makes taking the public transport so frustrating. I’ve overheard this auntie telling her 10 – 12 year-old daughters “Quick! If you don’t get in fast, the doors will close on you!” -_-|||

So the cycle continues and most would always squeeze in before anyone can alight, thinking that by squeezing in, they would not lose out.

3. - February 1, 2007

Look on the bright side. Our public transport is not as bad as those in Bangkok and China.

Guess we should try taking the public transport while in Bangkok!

4. me - February 1, 2007

it’s just a case of kiasu-ism, and it is worse at rush hours.

or maybe it is just simply the lack of thoughtfulness. it has nothing to do with them knowing whether you can get out of the train or not. to them, it’s just a simple case of whether they can board the train … which means you are not in their equation at all.

which reminds me of one incident i had with a lady who exhibited this kiasu-ism to its pinnacle. my friend and i were at the side of the road outside ICA trying to flag a cab when this lady came in out of nowhere to stand 8-10m before us to try to flag for a cab. and that lady never turned her head in our direction once during the whole 10 minutes when no cab came. so my friend and i decided to walk towards the mrt station just behind her and take the mrt instead. guess what? while we are walking towards the mrt station, she must have thought we were trying to cut her like she did to us, and she kept moving forward (parallel to us) so that her placing would not be overtaken by us. she probably realised only at the very last minute that we were heading towards the mrt station, and my friend and i had a good laugh. there is a term for this kind of person – “xiao ren” in mandarin. they think of us in her own perspectives, which are indeed very narrow. she dares to cut other’s queue as if she has the right to, and she is afraid others would do the same to her. sigh. meeting such a person can really spoil your day big time.

back to the mrt issue. the solution for me is simple. when i am trying to go out, and the people are packed outside refusing to give way, i do it the way i have always done, and so far i have not failed yet. i lock both arms at the side of my body, bunch my arms and make fists out of both hands. just before the door opens, i give those directly in front of me a glare of such pure malice and hatred that they would not forget, and i lower my head and i just storm my way out. if there is a path there for me, good for them. if not, i will carve a path out of them. and for those of them who are violently nudged aside, i feel nothing at all. and i welcome a chance for them to try to block me again. should someone should try to tug me back, that poor b****** would taste my fist that is long overdue for them.

not the best advice for the civilised world, but when it comes to dealing with the uncivilised, i realised that “communicating” with them at their same level makes them get your message faster.

5. WishBoNe - February 2, 2007

That lady is truly the worst breed of kiasu-ism. No one has the right to cut the queue by going to the front of others just to hail a taxi. Ah yes, I’m learning to bulldoze my way through the pea-size-brains. It’s improving and the path is carved out of them. They do deserve a fist in their faces usually.

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