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Life is Short January 29, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Dramas, Random Thoughts, Television.

Beatrice Xu Wei Lun [via Flickr uploaded by truongtravananh]

I had read today’s newspapers about Xu Wei Lun being in coma due to a serious car accident. Her assistant who suffered somecuts was driving the car but she was in coma because of internal bleeding. I thought that she would be able to make it until I read 死亡. A quick search led me to her bio written by her fan.

She was born in 1978. Life for her was very short. I’ve watched Taiwan’s Meteor Garden which shot F4 to higher heights. F4 has since disbanded. Frankly speaking, they have no vocals to speak of 😛 In terms of looks, Vic Chou looks good with his chin-length hair. Vaness Wu has cut his short which definitely looks way better for him. Wei Lun had acted in it but I can’t seem to place her in any character, maybe it’s because I didn’t watch all the episodes.

Speaking which, Japan’s version of Meteor Garden is going to be shown next month on 都会. I wonder if the guys are handsome or not. There’s no point in watching if the guys are not attractive, right? :mrgreen: Life’s short, so we must fully utilise it.



1. DSvT - January 30, 2007

I think many people felt sad when we heard the news… What to do? Is her fate ma…

Japan’s version of meteor garden confirm is worth to watch la… all handsome guy in the movie…


2. WishBoNe - January 30, 2007

Ah, thanks for the info on Japan’s version!

3. me - February 1, 2007

yeah, life is short in general, and for some of us, it can be shorter still. we are always perpetuated by this illusion of youth. we think ‘how could such a person so young leave before us’ … but that’s exactly what life is all about. life is unpredictable at best, so do count your blessings when nothing much happens everyday, cos when something does happen, it normally happens so fast that you are almost surely unprepared for it. it will just snatch the flooring beneath you and turn your entire life into chaos. bad things always happen at the wrong time because there is no good time for a bad thing to happen. so treasure what you have now, and treasure every single minute of it – so that when it’s time for you to give them up, you will have less regrets.

4. WishBoNe - February 2, 2007

Count your blessings, oh yes. Very important. 😀

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[…] time as any because I won’t get another chance like this to try what I want to accomplish. Life is short, we can’t waste it by thinking if we had done that, I shouldn’t have done that, I could […]

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