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Stop That Addiction! January 18, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Health and Fitness, Just For Fun, Random Thoughts, Studies.

Strong title here. We have addictions. I have blogging addiction. I need to blog everyday, well, almost. :mrgreen: The addictions that have been in the news are gambling, gaming, smoking and compulsive buying disorder.

Let’s start with gambling, it all began when there is going to be Intergrated Resorts built on Sentosa. There was confusion because it’s styled after Las Vegas, maybe not really, and some call it casino, while others insist on calling it intergrated resorts. Mr Brown has written his view on it here.

Gaming has become part of our lives since more households start to own at least 1 computer. Parents who are not so IT-savvy are worried because anger seem to be occurring more frequently than usual in their used-to-be-less-angry children. Their grades used to be better and have dropped drastically. Wired News has an article written years back and it is now re-visited by Straits Times, I may put up the scanned verison if I have the time remember.

Now, smoking is tougher to control because you can buy them in 7-11 stores controlled by age limits whereby you have to submit your IC to the cashier. To think we’re supposed to keep our IC private? o.O have you made a resolution to stop smoking this year? Apples 2 Apples has some pointers on how to quit smoking. One very good pointer is “Hang on there!”

Compulsive buying wrecks finances and ruin lives. It’s important to take control because you don’t want to be ruined by buying too much and in debts either. For the wider range of other compulsive disorder, you can read them here.

Addictions can bring about neglect such as not eating for the whole day, change in temper, relunctant to venture out of the house, reduced social life, forgetting you loved ones and financially drained (buying too many stuff that are not used, games, high electricity usage, heavy betting and anything else that involves money).



1. Anne - January 20, 2007

Addiction is very big topic… We all have addiction…. Can we quit it all? No, we can’t. But, we can choose though… after all… the option is in our hand…

Thanks for link to Apple2apple though.


2. WishBoNe - January 21, 2007

Ah yes, it’s in our hands to curb that addiction 🙂

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