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Peeves: Retail January 18, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Just For Fun, Random Thoughts.

Checkout counter [via Flickr uploaded by DCE]

Ronalfy has a Peeve Week contest going on. Since it’s Thursday, I shall do the topic on retail. I do shopping, so does everyone, right? You’ve met different kind of sales people and there are those who make your day and some who don’t. I love to shop, window-shopping, I mean. Just look at those pretty trinkets! I simply adore looking at them, whole day maybe? That said, I most certainly have a list of pet peeves on retail. The list is in random order. So I’ll pick three that top my list for easy reading.

Hovering within 1 metre while I’m browsing

Boy, do I hate this. Please, it makes me feel that my privacy is invaded. I can’t breathe or make a decision if you hover around me. Yes I know you don’t have to navigate the aisles if I call for assistance but it’s too close for my browsing comfort. Introduction to the product about its good points to me is fine but I’ll ask for it, thank you very much.

Saying sorry, this is the last piece

I simply hate it when I’m really keen on buying and there’s no new piece for me to buy. Clothes are the worst, they are usually tried on many, many, many times and some of the seams have just loosen! Don’t tell me to check if it’s ok because it ain’t ok! I don’t want to sew the seams! I don’t mind sewing the buttons but not the seams. Understand?

Putting the change on the counter

I feel as if I have some contagious illness that the money must be on the counter instead of my outstretched hand. The worst change to pick is coins. The next worst change is too many coins. No wonder I’m using my Nets instead of cold hard cash most of the time, I don’t have to fumble for coins while paying and keeping the change.



1. Ronalfy - January 19, 2007

I used to be a cashier from Walgreens and I always tried to give a person their change back in their hand.

One thing I really dislike more than having change on the counter is when the cashier puts the change in a folded receipt and hands it to you. If I don’t realize or forget I have change, usually the change falls to the ground as I put the receipt in my pocket.

2. WishBoNe - January 19, 2007

The coins are on top of the notes or receipt and they drop easily. I The logic is that they have returned the change including coins, fine. But it is not fine when I have to balance with keeping the dollar notes first and not dropping the coins.

I’m still figuring out how to keep the change because I don’t have the exact amount every time as the total sometimes give figures like $14.45. I don’t keep 5 cents every time!

3. Ronalfy - January 20, 2007

I hardly ever use cash anymore thankfully. God bless the debit (or credit) card.

4. Peeve Week Closure and Comment Contest Update » Ronalfy.com - Life is a blog. I wanna write it. - January 20, 2007

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