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The Great Ashley Debate January 15, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Emotions & Feelings, Family, Health and Fitness, Random Thoughts.

I read about this Pillow Angel in the newspapers. The controversies surrounding it are never ending. Those who are very much against it about stunting the growth and removal of breast buds have critisized Ashley’s parents. They felt that the parents are just doing it for convenience’s sake. In their blog, Ashley’s parents have stated clearly their reasons. With the history of breast cancer, they are not willing to take the risks.

Ashley’s parents may be able to carry her now but they will be unable to carry her when she is a full-grown woman. Everyone grows old. We will be unable to carry that 10kg of rice one day. We will need someone who is young and strapping to help us carry that 10kg of rice. An adult with the mind of a 9-year-old would raise stares when they are having a family outing. People would wonder why on earth isn’t this young lady walking about without the help of her aging parents.

Their decision was made to perform the necessary surgeries to enable that they will be able to provide for Ashley. With Ashley’s mentality and her physical disabilities, who would be providing for her when her parents are no longer around? She will never marry, who will want to marry her? In the long run, her parents have made this decision because they will be the ones by her side. It is difficult looking after someone who is above the age of 5 and yet unable to look after herself.

Much has been said about the debate, such as the removal of the ovaries, the pure agony of the monthly cramps can only be understood by those who have experienced it. Imagine looking after Ashley and she is in pain and yet unable to convey it because she is unable to talk. She is unable to do anything and the caregiver has to take care of the task. Here, Kim has given her thoughts on Mr Caplan’s views.

The debate will continue, it’s just a matter of time when there are not so much strong views being circulated. I wish Ashley good health.



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