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Pewter and Cruise Ride January 14, 2007

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I became part of the pewter thingy. After paying for the exam fees that I hope I can pass, I went to Clarke Quay. I spent 20 minutes looking for River Valley road. It was a 10-minute walk actually. Royal Selangor is next to Liang Court. At least I was walking in the right direction.

We started off with a short tour on the history of how it began with this guy and his tools. He built it with his hands and the products are handmade. That explains the mug that was shaped like a barrel for its $55 price tag. The staff were knowledgeable with the products and explained what they were for for almost every product that I handled. I would have bought something if not for the price tag. I would have bought a mug or two. It would be lovely if the mugs came with covers.

The good thing about pewters is that there is no metallic taste when you drink from the cup. Although the weight of the cup puts me off. It’s good for storing tea leaves, my colleague informed me about why we would use such material for storing tea leaves. Interesting.

Some of their products have engraving services so if you have a gift in mind, they would do it for you. I wonder if they charge for engraving? This reminds me, Valentine’s Day is coming unless you have the spare cash, you can consider from the gift list.

We took a river cruise before lunch. I learnt that why we have so many trees. Apparently, it’s to improve our country’s life. The island is said to be shaped like a crab and a green crab means that it’s a vibrant city. A red crab means it’s a dead city. Hmm. I think I may have read this somewhere when they were talking about the Merlion being moved from its original position to the current location now.

Muddy water The water was muddy and it wasn’t enjoyable to look at brown water. I wished that it was clear but it’s said that it was due to the constant raining for the past few days that made it muddy. I wished I had brought my digital camera along for better photos but my bag too full with my plans to go JB for a shopping trip that day. Now, a very tiny view of the Merlion that was the focus of the cruise.

Merlion I used my Dopod 838Pro for the photos. At least they look half decent. Oh well, I could have brought a backpack but it felt weird. 😛 The problem with the camera is that the Merlion looked huge to me but the lens captured the tiny view of it, somewhat zoomed out. 😦



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