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JB Trip January 14, 2007

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Went to JB with DD and his lil brother. There was a jam of 15 minutes at the customs in Singapore while going in. The clearance at the self check in counters on the other hand was short. However, it was the reading of the biometric passport that caused the slow moving queue.

We had to move through 2 gates, first for reading the passport, second for reading the thumb. I would say the system worked 90% of the time. While waiting for the bus to JB, we saw the customs officer in tow with 2 people on their way back to Malaysia. They weren’t granted entry. It looked like they wanted to stay in Singapore for good; the very little luggage they had must have alerted the officer.

It took a good 20 minutes for the bus to finally get through the jam to JB. The exchange rate was 226; low from the previous 232. Since I didn’t change it before it got at that rate, it was a pity. I wasn’t planning to buy anything so I did a small exchange. As long as DD paid for everything else šŸ˜›

It was my 1st time at Johor Bahru City Square. The 5th level reminded me of Hereens in Orchard and Edge in Bugis Junction. Due to the competition of cheaper food fare outside the shopping centre, the food court had a lot of seats.

I could order rice and select my side dishes myself! How different from Singapore!

DVD CoverI finally found the DVD set that I had been looking for; Samurai X! I can never find it in Singapore. I’m so happy! It’s the only anime that I have the comic set, poker cards (not all designs, my sister bought it when she found it) and DVD set. I didn’t buy the figurines because they didn’t representat the characters closely. I may buy them one day though.

The only reason why the youngest sibling would ever follow the eldest sibling is that they don’t have to pay a single cent. -_-||| I am a walking credit card for my lil brother too.

The return to Singapore was faster. The cars had a massive jam. The beggars in JB took to the roads, so, drive your cars and lock the doors at all times in case they try to rob you even with witnesses.

No one will help you. DD informed me that fights in the jam can occur, even in these times. It was more rampant in the past. It started drizzling when we got back. I didn’t want to take out the umbrella but it got heavier when I was reaching my block. It was a good thing I did.

I’m so delighted with my DVD buy! I had a weird dream though. DD was in it and it felt like we were still in JB. He was being asked to pay something and this beggar came up to him for money. He was persistent and tried to snatch the bag from him. I was trying to hold on to it when I heard “ꈑēš„啦!”. Strange, it was a female voice belonging to my sister. I opened my eyes to her bug-eyed stare at me. I was holding on to her clothes that had somehow ended up in my hands. I was mimicking the struggle with the snatch thief beggar in real world.



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