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Don’t Drive to Work January 10, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Career, Random Thoughts, Transport.

While I had been moaning my lack of means to buy a car, here’s someone telling me not to own a car. It’s to protect the environment. Using bicycle as a means and the buses to get to work. Well, I need to learn how to cycle 1st. It’s a pity that I never got to know how.

Next, our buses here don’t have any bicycle racks. In addition, everyone who drives a larger vehicle than the one beside him will bully the small vehicle. The one with the largest vehicle always thinks he has the right of ways.

No amount of Giving Way to Other Vehicles Campaign will work. It’s the mindset for years. The horns are blaring everyday as long as a turning vehicle threatens to hit a motorcyclist and his pillion rider down even when the motorbike is going straight and has the right of way.

The bus drivers will try to bully the smaller cars into slowing down or slam into their rears when moving out of the filter lanes or bus bays. By law, if your front end of the vehicle is dented, you are in the wrong, even if didn’t cause the sudden stop in the first place.

No drivers ever give way to bicyclists because of the speed. They are too slow for a vehicle that can run up to 100km/hr and sometimes during the overtaking, they nearly knock down the cyclists or knock them down. The campaign for road safety for cyclists is not working that well either. The person who had started it got killed by a driver. Even though he was wearing visible clothes that reflect when lights are shone on him, front and rear lights on the bicycle.



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