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Difference Between Burn and Rust January 10, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Career, Emotions & Feelings, Random Thoughts, Studies.

I didn’t get the confirmation letter. I was expecting to be extended as I had a trying time adapting myself here. The culture here is more demanding than the previous ones I had been working in. I can’t seem to see myself changing to fit in. My boss had told me during the review session which he felt was appropriate to give me feedback on my performance so far. Skills wise, I’m competent, it’s my social skills that need to change. I have to be more pro-active instead of being re-active. This reminds me of something else.

I came across this article on Burn Out or Rust Out which describes the difference between burnt out and rust out. Apparently, I have rust out. No motivation for work, no motivation to do anything with enthusiasm and no passion to improve myself. Hence, ending up feeling like doing nothing.

This pretty much sums up about my priority being chaotic. I have magnified the negative experience for doing certain tasks until to the point that I don’t want to touch them.



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[…] There comes a time when a breaking point is approaching and you just can’t stop it. I didn’t get confirmed and I still have un-done tasks. I have unbalance in my life now. I have a coming wedding to attend […]

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