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It Has to be Stopped January 7, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Emotions & Feelings, Random Thoughts.

Molest. It’s something that females faced. In the recent times, more awareness of males being molested have been highlighted. It exists in every country. We have the good fortune to be able to report to the police without fear of being killed and prejudiced.

However, the women and girls in India do not report such cases. A conclusion made by this lady who lives in India: I came to the conclusion that in India many men are starved for sex and therefore look at every women from the sex angle. They simply cannot see women as human beings.

This could be true or it could be due to other contributing reasons that results in women not being respected. It could also be due to the fact that the culture has be long set in and thus, women are never seen as human beings.

This reminds me of the incident that occurred recently or a year back, my memory escapes me, where foam parties have been approved for public. I believe it was a countdown to the New Year. The next day, the newspapers reported that women have been molested after being purposely blinded by foam from foreign workers. There were witnesses who mentioned that the molesters were dark-skinned and the immediate culprits were Bangladesh workers. They were here to work just a few weeks before the New Year.

The police investigated the cases that were reported and arrested the molesters. The irony was that one of the culprit was a foreign worker. So, the arrest proved something. There will be men who do not see women as human beings, they have cravings that cannot be staved off and they are the ones who take care not to be caught if possible. It doesn’t matter what your race/nationality is.

It’s unfortunate that women won’t be able to visit India without any trouble. I hope this victim would speak up, not just for herself, but for the women everywhere. The evidence is available. I hope that something would be done to prevent such outrageous behaviour in public places.



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