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Random Thoughts Today January 5, 2007

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Chinese New Year is on February 18 this year. Every year, relatives whom you meet only once a year would give you comments. For those whose weight are on the larger numbers, you may want to take a look at Garfield’s reason for it.

Puppy biting shoe lace [via Flickr uploaded by grazie, davvero] I have bought some new clothes and shoes. I’m forever buying shoes, it seems. I think I shall have a take a day’s leave to clear my desk and stuff on top of the boxes. My mum will nag at me about it soon, again.

I read in the news that there’s this group of friends who had made a promise to stop buying consumer products to save on costs. The promise is to keep it for 12 months of not buying anything. Some have gone even as far as eating food found in dumpsters. Eww! Darn it, I can’t find the link to it. If someone finds the permalink, please put in the comments. Thanks!

Women liked to be princesses waiting for their prince charming, however, I wouldn’t want mine to be like Prince Charming in Shrek. He wasn’t that heroic even though he looked heroic. What do modern princesses like? Do prince charmings exist or there never were any? Sometimes, a knight would do because the knight has a horse too, just that knights don’t come with carriages too.

The weather has been rather odd lately. It rained for 20 hours, flooding low-lying areas and stopped for a day. Then it started raining in the late evenings from 6.30pm heavily, stopped for an hour or so and starts to rain heavily again.

I’ve been thinking of owning a pet, yes, the pet bug strikes again besides the itchy mosquito bites. I wanted a dog when I was younger but living in a flat doesn’t allow the dog to have the needed space. My mum was especially adamant that no pets, absolutely no pets allowed. Well, we didn’t have the money to buy, so we had to obey her rules. My sister is more daring to break that particular rule until her hamsters passed away. The same rule applied again.

If I were to bring a guinea pig home, I wonder if my mum would have any reaction at all? I can always return it to my friend who’s so kind to let me try for a week. I hope I know how to take care of it though. Once I post pictures of it, I think I would have decided to keep it. Let’s hope that I can keep it as long as possible. January 13 may be my 1st pet after all these years.

My only wish is to graduate this year, I don’t care about the classifications for the honours, I just pray that I will pass my project. I don’t want to put my hopes to high anymore. It’s tiring.

I’m still debating if I should order a set from Dell computers to replace the living room PC whose hard disk crashed. I had only replaced the motherboard a few months back! 😥 However, with the episode that had me calling them up on the laptop arrival after the cheque had been cashed, I truly wonder if I should buy from Dell again.



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