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What Happened in 2006 January 3, 2007

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2006 has passed. The year where there were changes in my life besides others. I took 6 exam papers, a step nearer towards the degree. Start of the project and hoping that just the project for the year would do some help. It didn’t.

I fell ill for 3 weeks which made my parents worried. That wasn’t nice. Giddy and light-headed wasn’t what I was looking for just after my papers. I borrowed The Da Vinci Code from an ex-colleague, watched the movie and found that movies often change the scenes and don’t often go according to the books. That is because of predictabilities.

I had a change in my love life. Met a bastard who had the cheek to contact me after 3 months as if nothing had happened. Got together with DD who dotes on me very much. Changed company where I am less complaining which is not healthy. Negative vibes don’t help us in our lives.

Attempted to organise dinner gatherings with friends that changes got out of hand in December which made me unable to meet up with DD. Fell in love with the idea of owning a cat. I did had a fancination with dogs when I was younger. Didn’t actually own one in the end since my mother would flip. She nearly flipped when my sister had a hamster and added one more later which both passed away.

Started to exercise again at least once a week. Shall have to start again since I am no longer having the washboard thin stomach.

Bought a few expensive stuff such as a PDA phone, dinner for 5 at Quality Hotel and laptop for my lil brother. Nearly bought a car due to impulse. However, I still like to own a car, hopefully, I can afford one this year. It’ll be nice to go BBQ-ing at East Coast Park with a car to put in all those stuff.

There are a few things I’ve missed out for the year 2006 but I guess these are more memorable for me. I’ve decided to do away with New Year Resolutions since I don’t remember them after that. Pinning them on my table won’t help either, I just feel guilty. 😛



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