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Thoughts for the Minute January 2, 2007

Posted by WishBoNe in Animals, Food and Drinks, Gatherings, Random Thoughts, Relationships.

Bangkok. The place where everyone will go for shopping besides Hong Kong. However, it was bombed on New Year’s Eve. The bombs went off before and just towards midnight. Asia Hotel had a bomb defused. I was planning to select that hotel should I be going to Bangkok for a shopping spree.

With this, I have decided that I shall no longer want to visit Bangkok. Everytime I had a plan with DD on this, something went wrong in Thailand. I don’t understand the rationale behind the bombings. Neither did I understand why Saddam killed millions to justify his cause and ended up hung for it.

The above tells us that we are unable to hold any relationships properly with those who are of different religion, race or whatever other reasons we can come up with. We still have caste and earning issues to tackle with. If your spouse or partner is a lawyer, but you are just an office worker, not even a manager, how would some people look at you?

How about you if you were an office manager, your partner is a Lance Corporal, how would others look at you? Such things still exist in this so-called modern world. Our viewpoints have not changed that much. Boys are still prefered if you have a one-child policy in place. Wifes may not be considered part of the family even after 10 years with 2 kids.

Putting away such negative thoughts away for now, I managed to try out the egg in bread. It’s rather simple except when attempting to find out how to put it in the broiler after a while. We don’t have a broiler or grill. Maybe I can try the toaster next time.

I’m still waiting for the guinea pig that my friend had promised to let me try out for a week. They should be weaned off the mother’s milk by now.



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