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Morning Call for Gan Dang December 30, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Emotions & Feelings, Mobile Phone, Technology and Gadgets.

potato head at make your own potato head toy store [via Webshots]

My plan to sleep until 8am today was spoilt by an aunty who called my handphone looking for “GAN DANG ah? GAN DANG?” Gan Dang is potato in Hokkien. I was very irritated and replied, “KA SALA LA!” Wrong call la! The stupid aunty just cut off the line without any apologies. Look, you disturbed my sleep and still cut me off without apologising? It is RUDE one!

I should have just cut her off without replying. Spoilt my beauty sleep. I want to get rid of the dark rings, ok?! How can look for potato with a phone call? You look for potatoes out there in the farm where they grow them, ok!

I’ve been up since 7am. Idiot!

Since I can’t sleep, I tried my bluetooth headset that DD gave me for my Chrismas present. It can’t be used because it’s not discoverable. GAH! Now I have to go to the shop to exchange? How can like that?!



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