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No Internet for a Day December 27, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Career, Emotions & Feelings, Technology and Gadgets.

I had totally limited Internet access in the office thanks to the earthquake in Taiwan. I was handicapped at the lack of it! I couldn’t do much except solve user problems. I don’t understand why users only send in their problems when it’s nearly knocking off time. There are users who do it early in the morning. That’s fine by me. I get to solve it on the day and you can use it immediately.

However, I don’t get it why some people only do it in the late afternoon. It’s not as if they’re the only ones with families to go home to. Being an IT staff does not mean that our families are the computers and servers. We have dates too. We don’t like to do OT as much as you too. However, in order not to interrupt the company’s core business, we have to do OT. We can only upgrade servers during unearthly hours such as 12am to 7am.

In other circumstances, we may get to do it after office hours such as from 6pm to 3am. Our families and friends can’t understand why we have to do such things. If you don’t understand, please, think about your family member being subjected to such situations. How would you feel?

Back to my point on no Internet access, I was really at a lost. I guess we have depended on the Internet for a long time. I couldn’t use MSN the whole day. I thought it was something to do with just MSN until I heard my colleagues saying something about Taiwan’s earthquake. Great. Just great. So Singnet doesn’t have another line to connect to?

So, there’s no contingency plan. 😐



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