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No Matter What December 26, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Emotions & Feelings, Family, Random Thoughts, Relationships, Romance/ Love.

Whenever my colleagues ask about my marital status, the next question would be, “So, when are you going to get married?” First, both of us must be prepared to face each other more than once a week in the same home.

Second, we must be prepared to live with each other’s quirks and habits. Third, we must be prepared to part with the huge amount of money to the people who will be letting us hold our wedding at the venue. Fourth, we must be prepared for the next question, “Will you be living with the in-laws?” Depending on your answer, “Yes.” The next question is “You can get along with one another?”

If your answer was “No” to living with in-laws, the next question is “Where will you be living?” and “How big is the flat?”, “How much you paying per month and how long?”. Fifth, we must be prepared to answer the next question, “You want kids?” Other questions include; “How many you want?”, “Boy or girl?” to “What? No kids?!”

What triggered the above today was just a lunch with my 3 colleagues, all of whom are married and with kids. Since I’m new, they will ask me such a question; “You have a boyfriend?” and “So, when are you getting married?” and finally, “How long already?”

Sometimes, I’m very afraid to attend any social gatherings. Just recently, at my grandma’s birthday, there was an obvious hint to say that great grandkids should be on the way. It seems embarrassing that either I’m single or attached. Single to some means that, “Aiyo, why this girl so choosy? Just get any good boy and paktor la.” Attached to some means that, “Aiyo, married liao still no kids? Kids take years to grow one!”

Basically, life has mean one thing, we have a cycle and we can’t break out of it. Grow up, get a boyfriend/girlfriend, marry, give birth kids and starts with growing up again. Well, it’s not easy to teach and manage kids when you have to work and juggle family and work lives. The boss wants you to do your job well. Your spouse wants you to perform your role. Sixth, we have to be prepared to make the marriage work.

I guess as the pioneer batch of working parents, we haven’t done that bad, so far. I wonder what the future holds.



1. dragonlife - December 27, 2006

Dear Wishbone!
I couldn’t agree more as I went through one mariage before living with with my partner (no less than 16 years!).
Well, people are either programmed to choose (or be corsced into) a certain “accepted” way of life with all the obligations it entails or they choose to take a personal path and the consequences that implies. I wonder why other people just don’t ask, Are you happy?
Pertaining your usage of “flat” I assume you may be British. Reimnds me of the good times at College in England chasing for a flat of my own!
Have a nice Holiday!

2. WishBoNe - December 27, 2006

Hi Robert,

I don’t think only British live in flats 🙂 There are hints all over this blog on my citizenship 🙂 It starts with ‘S’.

We’re taught British English since young.

Have a nice Holiday!

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