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Long Wait December 20, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Emotions & Feelings, Transport.

I have a thing against buses. I’m not happy about leaky aircons, non-aircons, crowded buses, dirty buses and worst of all, long waiting time for the bus to arrive. I’m also against buses that contain the number 9. This morning, I had to wait for 15 minutes for bus number 97. There was an express service that I missed. So, I thought, fine, there’s still the normal service, which never arrived. Instead, the next express service arrived, 15 minutes later.

So, may I know where was the normal service? It wasn’t raining at in the morning, so you can’t blame the weather. What happened to it? Why is it that I kept seeing bus 51 3 times, 143 3 times, 197 once, 78 once, except 97?

So, may I know where is our money to the hike going to? Is this hike just a hike and also a hike to nowhere near to better buses without leaky aircons and bus frequencies? If you don’t want us to complain and be whiny, do something about it ❗



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[…] not the first time I’m complaining about public transport. I have complained about the frequency of the buses, the crowdedness of the trains and buses, the unwillingness of people moving to the back of the bus […]

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