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Birthday for Grandma December 17, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Emotions & Feelings, Family, Gatherings, Random Thoughts, Relationships.

I’m back from my grandmother’s place. One of my cousins had bought a gold pendant for her. It’s simple for someone who doesn’t own a lot of jewellery and not too fanciful. Dang, forgot to take a close up of it. As usual, the food was a lot and if I don’t eat anything, someone will go, “Go and eat!” or “The food is ready!” or “Eat la!”. Once I had eaten, no one nagged at me any more.

We arrived so early that it was nearly boring if not for the DVDs available. My brothers and I watched Volcano Scapes 3 which is a documentary on a volcano eruption that burnt 170 homes, a church and 3 community buildings in Hawaii. After that, the rest of the family still had not reached yet, so I put in Ella Enchanted since we’ve already watched Matrix Reloaded. Finally, we went up to the second level to watch Howl’s Moving Castle. Halfway through, the rest arrived slowly.

Finally, some noise from humans instead of just from the television. I started taking photos after finishing Howl’s Moving Castle. :mrgreen: The chocolate cake was sinfully rich. 大姨 as usual was belting hokkien songs and I can proudly say that she can sing quite well! My cousin takes after her though is a lot shy when it comes to crowds.

The birthday wish? Grandma wants great grandkids -_-‘ How to have when none of the grandkids are married yet? The pressure is on me because I’m the eldest grandkid. I’m the eldest in my family too. Being the eldest is no fun when it’s in this situation. Thing is, 大姨 said it, so I wonder if it’s really my grandma’s wish or not. Perhaps it is because just a few weeks back, grandma had asked if I was seeing someone. Apparently, she is hoping for one or more. Help?



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