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Gift Exchange and Karaoke December 16, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Friendship, Gatherings, Music, Relationships, Studies.

What a day. I was very late for my dinner appointment with my friends, though I wasn’t the last to arrive. Being the organizer though, it was unthinkable to be late. But not my fault lei. I was held up at work. Cd was near my work place and she was held up but not as late as I was. When she returned my call, she was on the bus. Darn, could have shared the journey but she was already on her way. Oh well.

I finally left the office at 7+ and practically walked as fast as I could to the bus stop, train and the venue we were having dinner. There was some confusion over the duck, goose and chicken. In the end, CD never got her whatever brown brown flat flat (遍遍) thingy.

HY had booked a KTV room for us. It’s been years since we last sang together in KTV. I think I lost my voice 2 hours after that, thing is, I haven’t sung much yet. The ice honey helped slightly. Before the start of us hogging the microphone, we had our gift exchange. I love the white moose which was scented with chocolate mousse. Yummy. HY, who loves stuff toys, got it. Really fitting.

CD on the other hand, got a gift from NL who unfortunately had fallen ill (which I just found out, she had injured her leg, poor NL). Hence, we don’t know what it is for now. HF has a kimono-inspired coin pouch. Lovely. ES received the rose necklace I bought last minute. Luckily, she loved it. JC had a huge mug, she’s overseas, so we didn’t catch up with her.

HY had bought something that sounded so mysterious, it can be distributed but yet not edible. We wonder what it is. JS had a something and G had something else (I don’t know why I can’t remember). And me? I had a cat inspired keyboard rest pad, how fitting, I use the computer everyday. Then we started singing. I have lost touch with the songs. I can’t sing more than half of them and stuck to 2 that I know. Pitiful, right? From 9pm to 1am of singing, good lord. So rusty from singing and the sudden karaoke session made me lost my voice after 2 hours.

CD has to leave at 12.30am but when we went down to the lobby, she was sitting on the sofa. It was 1am. -_-||| HY and J are great, they can sing from 9pm to 3am. Applause please. WW arrived later and drove ES back. We took a short ride to a place where taxis were more so as not to call for one. After midnight, it’s expensive, ok?

Overall, the fun we had was worth all my painstaking hard work of organizing. Thanks girls and J for treating us to the karaoke (10% discount and 10% service charge makes no difference because the savings was only $1). Can know why you giving us this treat?

I’m so sleepy now. Still have to do my project, dang.



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