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Spelling Changes December 11, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Random Thoughts.

India is struggling to define its identity by changing the names of the states with Bangalore being the latest pending approval. I still think of Bombay as Bombay and not Mumbai. No wonder I’ve been confused! Well, I don’t travel there but with the news around the world, most would have put the name of where the news was retrieved from such as New Jersey, New York, Shanghai, Mumbai, Bangkok, etc. The new name for Bangalore is Bengaluru, to me it sounds so foreign. Benga-lu-ru. Weird. That also means that I’ve to twist the sound at the “ru” portion.

It’s also harder to spell. Maybe not as hard as Missisipi Mississippi. However, the correct spelling does not matter in our minds because of this. As long as the 1st letter and last letter of the wrod is in the cerorct pisoiton, we can sitll unretsand. However, it’s just plain irritating to read a paragraph of wrong spelling and poor grammar all over. The meanings get lost and subsequently, the readers don’t read at all. It feels like your name has been spelt wrongly and you feel insulted.



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