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Death by MRT December 10, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Emotions & Feelings, Random Thoughts, Transport.

The first comfirmed suicide was in October 2006 by jumping into the tracks of an oncoming train. It happened at Chinese Garden MRT station. This man was broke and jobless. He left behind his young son and wife. They found him in 3 pieces. Such a horrible way to die.

However, others have followed suit because they think that by their deaths, their families would have one less burden and would benefit from the wake money. Really? It all depends on how much you spend on the wake and how much people would really give.

Now I have received the photos of the man (twice, friend, thanks hor but once will do) who jumped the track at Yishun. Such a terrible decision. All of the clothes torn and the body was bloody and charred and… and horrible, I say. Such actions affect others. People are late for work and these suiciders like to choose peak hours because it’s easier to jump when everyone’s squeezing each other to get to the doors faster.

Others are concerned with stations being haunted. It’s rumoured that Novena and Bishan stations are haunted. Oh gosh. There were other deaths, some due to retrieval of a lost shoe, others just somehow fell into the tracks.

Forums are fired up with using barricades to prevent falls and potential suiciders. If this lobbying works, then we shall be buying the Citibank SMRT credit card and the Season Pass just to make our transport worth the rebates. Except, Season Pass doesn’t have any rebates just make riding SBS buses cheaper especially if your daily rides cost more than $3.



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