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Promotional Calls December 8, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Career, Random Thoughts.

I have given out my contact too many times. Insurance companies love my money, even Amex loves my money. I just received a call from them trying to promote some credit card that’s partnered with Kris flyer something. Whatever that is.

The yearly income? $40k pa. I don’t earn that much. I’m not a manager or a CEO. I can’t possibly earn that much maybe in another 10 years? I’m OLD by then. When I first started out working, I had a call from Standard Chartered. That was $30k pa. I didn’t earn that much either because I was in my 2nd year of working. Besides, which diploma holder can earn that amount in 2 years’ time?

As I mentioned before, keep the number of cards to what you can count with one hand. There’re only 5 fingers on a hand (4 fingers and 1 thumb if you want to be politcally correct) so make use of that hand. Transport has a new credit card. Now, my question is why?

I never got to ask him a question on how he got my number in the first place. Dang.



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