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Poverty December 8, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Emotions & Feelings, Random Thoughts.

Poverty is something that every country faces in spite of the advancement in technology. You see beggars more rampantly in under-developed countries. Or is it truly more visible because there are no laws to ban people from sleeping on benches? It would seem that no one is helping them find a house to live in. Their children are skin and bones.

I’ve heard from a friend who once said that they chopped off the little kids hand or leg in order to solicit pity and more money for the family. The kids don’t have a say because the limbs are chopped off when they were very young. Just with a knife or parang. How horrifying for the children. The parents would seem to be cruel to deprive their children of arms and legs that don’t have any problems in the first place to warrant such painful amputation. However, they must have no other means to receive money and when humans see kids with missing arms or legs, we tend to take pity on them and offer help.

There is quite a number of people who volunteer and set up funds such as Mr Mohammad Yunus. There’s also a compaign called Make Poverty History. Solve Poverty helps in another way, by clicking one of the buttons to donate, Unisys pays 0.05 Euro per click per day per IP. I believe it regconises per IP because I tried to click again, it said I’ve already donated and thanked me and “please come back tomorrow”.

A search in Google results in 61,500,000 results just with “poverty help”. Scary that we need so many funds and organisations to make us sit up and realise that there are millions starving and illiterates waiting for our help.



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