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Rude Starhub Customer Service Officer December 4, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Emotions & Feelings, Mobile Phone.

Starhub logo Starhub has a lousy and rude customer service officer. They don’t listen to their customers at all. My sister had called them to specifically instruct them to call only her mobile number a few days back and yet, they still call our house number to look for her. WTH?!

Mary, as she introduced herself, kept insisting that their system doesn’t have such instructions or record for the number. I was pissed off and didn’t want to give her my sister’s number because their customer service never did listen at all. She was behaving rudely and it made my mood foul that she refused to admit that it was their oversight or something to soothe my nerves. 😡

I had just returned home only to listen to such shit. I just blew up though would have really loved to shout at her to bloody check their communication lines. I would love to know her manager’s contact to give him/her a piece of my mind right now. As of now, I shall let it rest. The next time whoever calls our house number to look for my sister again from Starhub, they will get it from me. I don’t care. 😡



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