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No Response, Again! WHY? December 4, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Emails, Emotions & Feelings, Food and Drinks, Friendship, Gatherings.

Am I expecting too much? I sent an email for a reply on the gathering and it’s always, wait, wait and wait. I can wait till the reply by date and still have to use SMS or call because “Oops, sorry was too busy to reply” or “Oops, sorry, was busy just now, didn’t answer. So, what’s up?”

What’s up ❓ Obviously, you haven’t read my email or SMS, yet. How difficult is it to check your schedule and say you free or not? I try to organise the gathering in a month’s time so that people can check their schedule to see if they’re available. I choose 1 month in advance because people had told me to let people know a month ahead and see what I get? NO REPLY!

People told me, “Sorry, can’t make it. Next time, ok?” Yeah, the next time the answer is still next time. People will organise next time, not me. Obviously I can’t seem to put any gathering to fit people’s schedule.


So why do I have to even do it? There’re so many communication methods such as SMS, email, MSN and call. I have to use all of them every time when trying to get confirmation from those who have yet to inform me by the reply by date. Why like that?!

I did my part and so, do yours too. Get back to me on whether you are available and my job as the event organiser would be easier. I have to think of a venue for eating, activity after the food and time that is most suitable for everyone.

I hereby relinquish my unofficial role as organiser for the year 2007 (New Year resolution). Sick of it, ok. Nobody wants to reply. And nobody did.



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