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Maybe in Future… December 1, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Random Thoughts, Technology and Gadgets, Transport.

Maybe in future we will be able to keep a laptop in a compact case. It’ll be light and still function accordingly. There won’t be any keyboard, it’s voice regconition on which website you wished to explore, what document you’re going to write, which portion of the document you wished to edit. A drawing pad for those with drawing needs.

Maybe in future we won’t need the mouse to scroll, point and click the options or programmes that we want. Our mind will direct the instructions.

Maybe in future we don’t need to have buy our own cars. We just book through the system for the slot that we need to use the car and there will be one assigned. After it has completed its tasks, other people can use it. There will be no drivers and it’s electrically driven. Maybe it makes use of the air surrounding to run making it cheaper to rent. Routes are pre-determined by the shortest path available. No traffic lights are needed as the routes are linked all over the buildings. Something like the new pyramid shaped I saw on TV. It’s a proposed building for Japan, I think.

Maybe in future we can travel to any parts of the world only to discover that it’s actually the same as where you’re living in now. So, there’s no longer any point in having travel agencies now, eh?

Maybe in future we won’t be seeing much greenery due to the above. We are just living among the interlinking routes.

Maybe in future we won’t be needed to clean up the house. Smart robots will be doing the work. Now, how the heck do I stash that box without the robot throwing it away?



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