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Ruffled Feathers November 28, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Emotions & Feelings, Mobile Phone, Technology and Gadgets.

Ok, so after yesterday’s outburst, I guess I’m a little cooled down now, since my video call and major connections are working fine. I haven’t tried MMS yet. Maybe I give it a go tonight. Now, the main problem here is that I’ve still yet to get the accessories such as the orginal charger, pouch and data cable.

I hope the previous owner is not out to cheat anyone even though he/she has managed to cheat the shop owner that the PDA phone has been in used for only 1 month when I suspect it’s 3 months. The lady boss did mention about the warranty could be more than 1 month. My parents cautioned me about the “get the other accessories later” scheme because of previous experience we had when I got my first handphone in 1997, I think. So, it’s coming to 10 years since I got this number and still going strong.

Now that I mentioned it, it has been been very troublesome to buy any handphone or get anything done by M1 because we always have to bring the fading police report (carbon copy lei, it would have disintegrated if not for the file) for them to photocopy. They have photocopied that report a hundred times (since it’s only 10 years, a million would be exaggerating indeed) when we want to change subscription plan and renew contract. I don’t know why we stuck with it for so long but my dad loves the number and so do I. With the new introduction of able to retain my number when I switch Telcos, I will do it at the end of this year.

It’s frustrating because we never got a straight answer from them why they never closed this damn case. 10 years lei! AR usually have to use debit notes by year 5 and they are planning to keep this on our heads till we pass on? How can like that?!

I’m going to draft a letter of… of… of complaint or demand or whatever to them. I will switch Telcos if they can’t gimme a satisfactory reply!

Dang it! I just riled myself up again.



1. Dust Settled « A Mind of My Own - November 28, 2006

[…] I submitted a complaint via online to M1 this morning and a few hours later, a lady (Vanessa, no full name, breaking my 1st rule of no identifiable names but this is an exception) called me asking to verify the issue. One good thing out of it is that my dad will have to go M1 shop only so that he doesn’t have to bring the police report since their systems are able to check on the central database.  My dad is going to be a bit appeased. However, I think he will change telcos from the looks of it. Once the new rule about retaining your numbers even when you change telcos is in place, my dad may be one of the 1st adopters! […]

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