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Another Round November 25, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Career, Food and Drinks, Friendship, General Sports, Health and Fitness, Romance/ Love.

We had a long round of badminton today, 2 hours. I was late due to some work issues. However, I still managed to have a workout. Oh boy, it’s tough when I did very little warming up. After we sat around cooling down, gossipping, it’s our absolute favourite hobby, we talked about next week’s schedule. We went to have some dinner except for one who usually had hers at home.

The dinner was nothing to shout about but the 2nd round of gossipping was great! We talked about anything under the sun and the topic came back my nemsis’ treatment of our friend, his precious wife. You are in big trouble now. 😈

Our friend also mentioned her experience with IMM’s Beauty Language. It was a total turn off because her 1st time purchase of the cream ended up with quite a number of trips to the shop itself and the branch at VivoCity. The cream had brown particles in it. Which shouldn’t exist in creams. What kind of cream has particles in different sizes anyway? She brought it back to IMM but the sales staff said it was “normal”. Now, can someone explain to me what is normal?

My friend did not accept her reason and wanted an exchange. However, they opened the other bottles for her to see and they also contain brown particles, so that done, they insisted that there was nothing wrong with their cream, it’s “normal”. 😕 Well, my friend decided that it wasn’t “normal” and asked for a refund. It was rejected immediately.

Enraged, she was lost on her reply. Just then, her husband walked in and asked her what was wrong. She related her conversation to him and he wanted a refund but was also refused immediately. There was no call to their manager to check on such expired goods. Their service was outright rude. Thus, he said they would take it up to CASE but they look nonchalant!

A few days later, my friend had passed by VivoCity with her husband. There is a branch there and she wanted to exchange for it. However, they told her to exchange it at the original branch, at IMM. -_-”

Her husband walked in at that moment, asked her what was wrong and demanded loudly for an exchange. This time, the sales staff called her manager and they got their exchange. The bottle was also checked that it didn’t have any foreign particles in it. I wished I have the photo to show as proof.

Most likely Beauty Language at IMM does not do its stock check properly and is selling expired products. Watson may sell the same product slightly on a higher end but it does not have such issues.

One advice for the husband: can you be with your wife when such things happen can or not? How come your wife has to repeat the story to you one?!

The evening weather is quite good now, it’s the near noon that was unstable. At 11am, it rained heavily and didn’t look like the skies would clear up. However, 老天在作弄我们 (old sky make a fool out of us, literal translated). At 12.30pm, the sun was out to dry the clothes. My colleagues had already ordered McDonalds. They were also fooled by the rain. When 2 of them went to collect, other tenants had also ordered the same thing!



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