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Year End Approaching November 23, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Career, Emotions & Feelings, Family, Gatherings, Random Thoughts, Transport.

I kinda hate this time of the year. The rainy season, the large expenditure on gifts, new clothes for CNY, new shoes (I seem to be forever buying them!) and haircut. This year, I have spent a huge bomb. I think I will be spending another sum soon. Life is tough, we have to spend, spend and spend. It’s a never ending cycle.

I’m still upset and angry about the GST hike because our pay cheques are still the same! The decrease in the employer’s CPF stayed as it is. I thought someone said that when the economy is good, the employer’s CPF would be increased? Or I heard wrong? They sure love playing around with the percentages. It’s a lot easier than to fix an amount. So, I suggest that the rebates for bus transfers be changed from fixed amount to a percentage, say, 40% discount for all transfers instead of only fixed to maximum 2 transfers at 35 cents each.

Let’s say that I’m taking a bus ride that will cost me $1.25 and I need to transfer to another bus just to get to my destination, the next bus ride costs $0.82 for example. In total, without rebates, I will spend $2.07. With the 40% rebate on the other hand, $1.25 + $0.49 (with 40% rebate) = $1.74. Now isn’t this a lot more cost savings? You want to encourage us to take the public transport, so do something about the bus frequencies, the leaky aircon buses, shorter bus routes, maximum transfers of 1 (Singapore is only so big) and more rebates for frequent MRT and bus travellers! If the EZLink card can be used on SMRT and SBS, why can’t we have a common season pass?

Where was I? Oh, about year end approaching. Christmas is coming and I’m still not sure what to buy for the gift exchange. Hopefully, something will capture my eyes and I can use that for the gift exchange. So, my friends, please make yourselves available and remember the 3 rules for the exchange that I stated in the email. That email will be used from now on, so please update. The old one will be ditched on 1 Dec 2006. Thank you.

I wonder if my current workplace will have a gift exchange. I heard that the HR has been too busy to be able to organise the event. I just got arrowed to find out what activity can be organised a group of people whom I don’t know, not sure how many of them and the budget. Must get more information from the project manager for this project.

My current urgency is that I strike the pot of gold. Be it money, car or holiday. Anything that says “can be sold for cash”, I need.



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