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Swimming Coaches – Nah… November 16, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in General Sports.

Thank god it didn’t rain last evening. I could have 😥 if it had. It’s the 2nd time that we went to Bukit Batok Swimming Complex after its renovations. There are 3 pools, baby, medium and adult. We started off with the medium pool since one of my friends was still learning how to swim. Have you ever tried to teach someone who’s so afraid of staying in the pool just 1.5m away from the edge, with the water level at your waist too.

There was supposed to be 4 of us but one fell ill. 3 of us again, this time it’s the one who learnt how to swim just by watching others swim. :O The 2 of us were trying different ways to teach our friend. There were 2 ways of getting her to learn how to tread water; a) use the adult pool and stay near to the depth that when she stands on tip-toe, the water level is at her neck and b) just dump her into the middle of the adult pool where the depth is 1.8m and she will tread water so as not to drown. Evil, huh?

Well, as friends for so long, you think we would do that meh? I, on the other hand, was being the evil coach, threatening to leave her in the deepest part of the pool 😛 Unforturnately, the lifeguard didn’t look handsome enough, which my friend said, “Usually hor, these are old uncles and experienced liao. Where got handsome?”

So, we tried various ways such as kicking the legs while hanging on to the side of the pool to immersing yourself into the water for 3 seconds. Which the immersing part, she failed miserably. The scarest part was when she came up for air, flailing her arms widely even though when she stood up, the water level reached her shoulders. 🙄

Oh well, we have failed our coach certificates in that way. Shall have to get another friend who is able to coach with better techniques than us. Any takers? Erm, free lessons, of course.



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