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Whiny, Aren’t We? November 14, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Emotions & Feelings, Relationships.

Apparently, the MPs think that we’re whiny and complaining when we voice our concerns. Well, let me try to see why we are not allowed to have strikes, for one thing, we will get jailed and/or caned just by standing outside a building with large place-cards. Hence, we put our voices to another use; trying to book Speakers’ Corner. Now, it seems silly that we have to book and justify our use for that corner. Why?

MPs should be happy We are a fine and censored city now. True, there are no riots, the police here just train for rioting sessions, where no real riots will ever take place because once jailed, there’s a social stigma to it. The Yellow Ribbon campaign ain’t gonna help.

Opinions are not complains

We train for fire drills and terrorists attacks. With the stringent patrolling and security, how will we know that we are truly able to recover from any terrorist attacks? We are getting complacent that our security is able to resist any attacks such that when we go overseas, we don’t know how to react when there are riots and bombings.

So, we can never go Middle East or Gulf Area without fearing for our lives. I’m not saying that to prove our bravery or rather idiosyncrasies that we should go there to send ourselves to doom. I’m just saying that by staying here with tight securities, we have no real way of recovering ourselves from the shock of being attacked.

[Note: Views are purely my own and shouldn’t be taken as an attack on you-know-who.]



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