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1st Wardriver Caught November 12, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Games, Technology and Gadgets.

A guy was caught using his neighbour’s wireless network. His crime is being known as wardriving. This has been in existence since WiFis were introduced. At that time, it was expensive to buy a wireless router and a wireless LAN card. Nowadays, with more people going broadband, it’s cheaper than in the past.

Log on to the wireless network and download the contents that you like without having to buy a router yourself seems pretty good because you save on money. However, downloading large files using the wireless is taxing on the router because of the bandwidths involved. Another person who is the true owner of the router is unable to surf the net at the “normal” fast speed and the pages are being loaded as laggy. Playing LAN games such as World of Warcraft, Maple Story, etc will also impact the speed.

Gamers hate lag because a 0.5 second’s lag results in a hit loss. I know that because my little brother plays those games. As a non-gamer, I hate to wait for the pages to load. I even hate those websites with incredibly large image embedded on their sites. It looks nice but if it’s at the cost of me waiting for the page to load, I’m out of that site in 2 seconds. The large images don’t fit in the window sometimes and scrolling horizontally and vertically just to see the whole image sounds silly to me. I want to see images without scrolling horizontally or vertically for a single image. If there are more than one image on the page, I will obligingly scroll but no horizontal scrolling.



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