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Rained-out BBQ, or Nearly… November 11, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Gatherings, Random Thoughts.

The BBQ nearly couldn’t make it. There was a change to the venue from East Coast Park to the church. There’s a covered carpark at the church and one was trying to convince the other that we should wait out the rain at East Coast instead. Since it’s already paid for, we shouldn’t waste it. In the end, a mother won. “下雨嘞,真的要去?” The rain actually stopped at around 7pm. Maybe we should have waited it out since for the past few days, it stopped raining after 6.30pm. Oh well, no one would be able to take the responsibility if any one fall sick.

Since the venue was changed, my anticipation for looking at the sea was dampened. What a waste of a pit. This gives me the idea of booking a pit next year. Still debating on chalet or pit. It’s a lot cheaper to book a pit but what if we don’t want to find a way to go home at night after the BBQ? However, East Coast Park no longer have chalets. 😕

There were some ice-breaking games, I guess I still hate such games. I rather play with the sand and sea. I want to go Sentosa next. Should plan for it.



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