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Online Cheques November 8, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Career, Emails, Random Thoughts, Studies.

I write cheques frequently while I was still taking part time lessons in SIM. I had to write the fees payable to SIM and UOL. Writing cheques using POSB means that I’ve to pay $2 for using it. I think I’m charged each time I use it or is it monthly?

Anyway, I discovered that Citibank and Standard Chartered have online cheques services. I’m not sure how long they have been providing it. It does make me want to issue cheques without being charged for using it. I mean, I’m already issuing cheques for more than a thousand and I still have to pay another $2 more?

Just something though, I’m worried about the security of issuing online cheques to an email account. You know about the spams, right? I read somewhere in Digital Life, I think, that even when our emails have been deleted from the mailbox, the packets are still somewhere on other servers because of the hopping method to deliver our emails.

Scary, huh?



1. - November 12, 2006

So where can I find out more about the online cheques?

2. - November 12, 2006

Found the sites. Don’t think I want to try those online cheques as yet. Doesn’t give me a sense of security. Wonder if my bike shop would accept those or not.

3. WishBoNe - November 12, 2006

From the sites, I’ve provided in the links, there should be some FAQs. Just have to be careful about the fine prints.

4. WishBoNe - November 12, 2006

With hacking these days, I don’t think I want to use online cheques. Emails are still being stored on other servers during the hops as mentioned.

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