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They Come in Twos November 7, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Food and Drinks, Gatherings, Studies.

Life loves to throw you events that are the same but not really the same. How so? Well, a few months ago, I had to decide between two 1st birthday parties which my friends have planned. Actually, it was that difficult because I had promised one, it was the other that I was disappointed that I couldn’t attend. I had been waiting for that event, mind you.

Now, I have been invited by one of my poly friends to join her in the BBQ this Saturday evening via SMS last Saturday. This morning, I received an email from my colleague inviting us to his house for a welcome BBQ for someone who is on a visit for this Sunday.

Saturday’s BBQ means I’m going alone as DD is working 😦 This is the 2nd time that she has managed to arrange activity when DD is working, I can’t blame her since I doubt she’s the main decision maker in it. Sunday’s BBQ means I’m going alone and I don’t know how to walk from the MRT to the condo that I’m supposed to go. With a map maybe I can walk there and end up perspiring before I even do anything.

I’m debating to go to both or just stay at home and stew on the project.



1. furfur angel - November 8, 2006

nowadays, I selectively attend invites.
I dun wan to end up a BBW Life!

2. Rained-out BBQ, or Nearly… « A Mind of My Own - November 11, 2006

[…] The BBQ nearly couldn’t make it. There was a change to the venue from East Coast Park to the church. There’s a covered carpark at the church and one was trying to convince the other that we should wait out the rain at East Coast instead. Since it’s already paid for, we shouldn’t waste it. In the end, a mother won. “下雨嘞,真的要去?” The rain actually stopped at around 7pm. Maybe we should have waited it out since for the past few days, it stopped raining after 6.30pm. Oh well, no one would be able to take the responsibility if any one fall sick. […]

3. Non-BBQ « A Mind of My Own - November 13, 2006

[…] The bungalow building design was quite tasteful, not futuristic but I should have taken a photo of it while I was still outside. Oh well, a waste of my camera. I didn’t take any photos. 2 BBQs and no photos. There weren’t many kids, just 3 of them under the age of 5 and 2 of them looks around the ages of 6 – 8. […]

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