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So Many Cards! November 7, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Random Thoughts.

We have cards for every possible purpose it seems. For example, This Fashion has a collaboration with Coax. Hang Ten, Giordano (which has an online membership that is launched recently), SK Jewellery, Citigems, and many other major stores and supermarkets have card memberships. Discounts and rebates are usually thrown in to draw the people’s attention and itch to sign up for the cards.

For some, the cards are given when you have purchased a certain amount, for others, it’s a monthly or yearly membership fees. To draw more people, credit cards have partnerships with the major stores for discounts and rebates too. How enticing. With so many different types of credit cards, it can be confusing to decide which one would be suitable for our daily needs. Have no fear, help is here. However, it’s listed DBS SIM Visa Classic but when I go to DBS website, it’s not available.

One word of caution, signing up for too many credit cards can land you in debt. So, narrow down to a few that you can count the number with just 1 hand, that give you the privileges to the services or shops that you frequent. And pay the bills on time!



1. Elite Privileges « A Mind of My Own - December 7, 2006

[…] We have so many cards with privileges that we may lose track of which card is better for the usage. I have difficulty remembering which card is for which unless I have less than 5 cards on hand. It would seem that it’s better to have less than 5 cards on hand rather than 10 or 20 because each credit card allows you to spend up to 2x your salary. Let’s say you have a credit limit for each card at $5,000. If you have 10 credit cards, it would mean you have $50,000 per month to spend. Or so the card states. […]

2. Promotional Calls « A Mind of My Own - December 8, 2006

[…] As  I mentioned before, keep the number of cards to what you can count with one hand. There’re only 5 fingers on a hand (4 fingers and 1 thumb if you want to be politcally correct) so make use of that hand. […]

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