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NUS Alumni Donation Woes November 7, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Random Thoughts, Studies.

ST recently published that NUS alumni have not responded much to the appeal for donations to needy students. Apparently, they felt that while they were students, NUS did not do anything much to make them feel that they are part of the NUS family. One described the feeling as passing guests. What I find it odd or rather insulting is that a loan of the graduation gown is not even accommodated. Is it that difficult to loan the gown for a graduating student who just wants to have a family portrait?

We seem to be stuck in the mentality that we must be a student of a particular programme despite taking other modules that interest us before we are allowed to be presented the degree or diploma of the particular programme. So, we must be an Arts student before we are allowed to receive the Arts degree. The same goes for any other degree or diploma programmes here. We may be allowed to take up other modules outside the applied for programme but we won’t be awarded a double degree for it. We have to choose between them. In that case, I rather not stay for another 5 years, thank you very much. I can’t afford it. If I can, I don’t have to work full time and study part time, do I?

A current student describes his feelings on why the alumni won’t donate. He explains that the student union has no voice. Now, why does that remind me of the workers union here? We’re often “consulted” when a decision is about to be made. It’s more like giving comments while they work out the kinks in the implemented rule or solution for the next 20 years (yeah, I don’t care if I’m exaggerating on the number of years).



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[…] This piece of news came about 2 weeks after the hoo-ha on NUS donation woes. I mentioned that one student had felt it was is too long to complete a double degree in Singapore than in Australia or United States. Seems like NTU is countering it. […]

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