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Deadly Silence November 4, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Emotions & Feelings, Relationships.

Silence can kill. If you’re angry with someone you keep silent. The person doesn’t know that you’re angry with him/her. It’s even deadlier with text communications such as SMS or online chats. The person doesn’t get a reply and don’t know what to think and gets angry and upset too. He/she decides to use the same tactic and that’s how misunderstandings arise.

Sometimes, both parties trash it out verbally. Each accuse the other of being in the wrong and not apologising for it. The problem is that the actions hurt. Not the unspoken words. That’s why wedding cards contain “RSVP”.

So, if you’re angry with the other person for not replying. Inform the person that you’re hurt by the non-reply. It sets your mind at ease. The other person also knows.

It’s also said that face to face conversations are a great help. However, when both parties’ schedules clash, text communications are the only way to contact each other. Text don’t convey emotions. They may bring about misunderstandings and that’s why we proof-read our emails. Well, not every time.



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