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Blogging Quirks November 3, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Random Thoughts, Technology and Gadgets.

Apparently using WordPress to blog means that I’ve to use Firefox. It seems to be less of a hassle by using it. IE 6 just display the rich text editor more weirdly. It tries to navigate away from the page. Firefox is able to handle it.

Now I know why there’s a strong group of supporters for Firefox. It is good. Currently, it’s version 2 and is able to hold on its own against IE 6. There’s no validation for using genuine OS for Windows as opposed to IE 7 during installation. I’m going to upgrade my Firefox at home.

Another quirk that I notice is that I’m not able to use a shoutbox or quick chat that I recently created here. WordPress seems to be protecting itself from scripts. Hopefully someone will come up with an alternative so that I can put up one here.

One annoyance is that whenever I pressed on Backspace while using it will go back 2 characters sometimes. Now, this is not right, I pressed once, not twice ❗

Side note: Firefox 2 has a spell check is seems. Nice add on 😉



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