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Lessons Learnt and Going On November 2, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Emotions & Feelings, Health and Fitness, Relationships.

Just came back from dinner with my friend. We had gone for a swim before that. There was supposed to be 4 of us girls but one of us had slept very late last night due to a fun wedding dinner (which I hope, my friends’ weddings would also be fun). 3 of us went for a swim. I’m not sure how long we stayed in the water but I think we ended up asking about each other more rather than actually swim. :mrgreen:

However, it was fruitful because my friend (who’s learning to float) has finally gained confidence in her floating skills! 😀 Shall have to help her with the most basic swimming stroke, froggy style, after a few more floating lessons.

There was this lady who was learning to swim (taking lessons), we kept moving towards the stairs of the pool because she kept swimming nearer and nearer to us with each lap. The instructor was telling her a lot of things and we were gossiping on how to ask him on his rates. 😆

Our common topic was relationships. How we’re learning from building and maintaining relationship with our chosen partners. No matter the length of time we’ve spent together with our partners, we have something to learn from them throughout the time spent with them. We may know what they hate about certain things but over the years, the same thing that they used to hate, they may no longer hate it because they’ve changed their thinking.

People change and we just adapt and accept them for who they are. We can’t expect them to stay the same. We can’t stay the same for years. We’ll change a little over the years. Our expectations change with the time. In order to be able to 白头偕老, we adapt and accept the changes. What we hope is that the changes are for good. I hope to change for the better.

It sounds clique to say that marriage is for a lifetime, just look at the newspapers on divorce cases. The rich are often in the headlines if they’re divorcing. Who says it’s for lifetime? It’s just a piece of paper, ain’t it? Legally, yes. Emotionally? Who would really want to go through such painful and messy divorce?I once felt that relationships are complex but is it how we have made them? Why do some fail? One of the reasons is overpowering. We force them to change but end up getting hurt.

My friend gave me something to really think about, “A relationship has to keep moving. It must be built together by the 2 people who are going to spend the rest of their lives together. It’s akin to a clap, it needs 2 hands meeting each other at a certain point.”

A few months back, a classmate had sent me some meaningful insights by Pastor Kong. It’s about finding the right person for marriage. I won’t put it as right, more like a suitable partner to talk to and share with. What I’ve learnt is that if the person dotes on you and is willing to do anything for you, grasp him or her tightly! Caution! Let him or her also breathe. They need to room to breathe and be able to hold you tightly too.

Life can’t always be 50 1st dates. I shall continue my lessons on learning the differences so that I may proceed on.



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