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Youths’ Views on Transport October 30, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Transport.

The youths have given their views on the recent transport changes. One of them mentioned a very good reason why driving is preferred; comfort. Plastering yourself to the glass doors every morning just to get to work or school is not comfortable. The doors are dirty.

A tertiary youth mentioned that it is unfair for poly students to pay adult fares when not all of them are working. They should have the same subsidy as JC, secondary and primary. It’s also a psychological impact if the leaders were to follow in the footsteps of London Mayor and New York Mayor. If you don’t take the public transport, how can you be sure that the current system is actually to the public’s satisfaction?

It’s apparently our fault that the bus does not stop for us to board. Why? Because we did not flag it early. Well, if the bus at the bus stop stops us from being able to see the next bus, is that our fault? If the staircase of the overhead bridge blocks our view for the oncoming traffic, whose fault is it? If the very large and old tree is blocking the view, do we cut the tree down? What about the large advertisement signboards?

Besides, the bus stops do not shelter us from heavy rains. In fact, it’s not a bus shelter since they can’t really shelter the bus, can they? They’re just bus stops even when the buses may not stop when we have flagged them.

A few months ago, the bus fare hikes had raised a lot of hackles. So, what would they do?

Ease Peak Crush Subsidise Fares Take Youths View into Account Lead by Example



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