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Back Massage at True Spa October 28, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Health and Fitness.

I had a free 30-minute back massage this afternoon at True Spa, courtesy of DD. The experience was good. My shoulders were less aching and sore after the massager used most of her strength on them.

I like the idea of free hydrobaths when signing up a new package with them. I’m a lot poorer though. I can even bring a friend along to enjoy the free hydrobath too! Anyone up for it?



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4. wong - December 28, 2007

Interesting that anyone should mention True Spa at Ngee Ann City Singapore.

I had a nasty experience with them.

I signed up some time ago and the spa agreement stated that bookings must be made 3 days in advance. After they took my money, they made it very difficult for me to access the services. My phone calls for appointments were not returned. After confronting the management, they say that bookings need to be made 30 days in advance! This is in no way made known to me when I signed up and is not in the spa contract.

5. Ivan Phan - May 2, 2008

Man this True Spa thing is more like True Hell for me. I told them to delete my name from their telephone listing one time too many. Guess what, it went to deaf ears. I have no choice but to resort to calling them every other time in the hope that they can remember my name. Finally, because of my constant calls, one of the “Mgt staff” decides to take my call only after hiding behind her staff for so long (so much so for leading them instead!). She told me that my name will be deleted from the contact list. Guess what, i have those guys calling me again!!! Worst still, one of the telemarketers staff told me not to pick up the call when they call me. I was stunt by her comments!! They are the ones calling me and they tell me not to pick up their call? This is just crazy. Please, if True Spa is reading it, my Name is Ivan Phan AND I WANT MY NAME TO BE DELETED FROM YOUR CONTACT LIST.

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