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New Email Account October 25, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Emails, Technology and Gadgets.

I’ve decided to ditch my commonly used email. Not just because of the spam, it’s been doing quite well since their last upgrading of the anti-spamming tools. I absolutely detest that it’s not compatible with IE 7. 😥

I hate it when I can’t copy and paste information in Firefox even though I’ve enabled copy and paste using the instructions from Mozilla. I had to go back to IE. Now, it’s not compatible because it’s no longer in rich text when I reply or compose a new email! 😡

I’ve set up one with unlimited mailbox size, how cool is that? Plus, I get to decide what domain to be used and I love it! I’ve already have 3 for different purposes. No, I won’t put the new email here lest I get spammed. I’ve had enough of those spams about Viagra, increase bust sizes, earn money in a week, yadda yadda. The links usually contain viruses and trojans being downloaded in the backend. You risk getting your email account being used to send out such spams too.

I’m not interested in Yahoo! because the signature does not convert into HTML anymore. I would lose all my previously saved signature. Hence, my lack of using it to send out any emails. I used to be able to view the signature in HTML and rich text modes. Since the new beta mail design came out, I can’t. The inbox does look a lot better but I still want to update my signature. I know, I know, I can convert back to the old version to update and use the beta version after that. However, what if I have to change my signature again? It’s troublesome, ok. I hope that when they finally release the new mail version, the signature thingy will be resolved. Has anyone feedback them?

An interesting note that came to light during lunch just now with my colleagues. One of them had tried to set up a Yahoo email account with the domain just ending with @yahoo.com but failed because Yahoo has restricted that only US residents are able to create emails with such a domain. You are only able to set up your email account in your localised area, i.e. Singapore = @yahoo.com.sg, Malaysia = @yahoo.com.my, and so on. I wonder why they have set the restriction. Luckily, I’ve set up mine a long time.



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