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IE 7 Worries October 22, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Technology and Gadgets.

I decided to try out IE 7 after deliberating for weeks since its release. Not that I’m very sure when it was released. I was worried about the impact of installing it since I pretty much like Firefox’s tabs.

I was happily following the clicks of the steps when I saw that it needed to validate my version of Windows. What? Why? I don’t have any software to check what’s going on while it validates and after reading Is IE 7 Spying on Me? I am starting to be worried. There’re some suspicious reporting activities back to Microsoft and I’m not happy about it. I don’t want to be identified unless MS decides to have an open survey for MS users and the rules of it are clearly stated.



1. Blogging Quirks « A Mind of My Own - November 3, 2006

[…] Now I know why there’s a strong group of supporters for Firefox. It is good. Currently, it’s version 2 and is able to hold on its own against IE 6. There’s no validation for using genuine OS for Windows as opposed to IE 7 during installation. I’m going to upgrade my Firefox at home. […]

2. IE7 Upgrades « A Mind of My Own - November 13, 2006

[…] Apparently, Microsoft wants us to use IE7 as soon as possible. The upgrades will be pushed down via the MS updates. Which leaves us no choice but to use IE7. The problem is that certain scripts that used to be compatible with IE6 are no longer compatible in IE7. Well, for Excite. anyway. Composing emails used to have a dropdown of the email addresses you wished to send to. IE7 isn’t compatible. Hence, I’m going to stop using my Excite account from 1st Dec 2006, the problems are just not worth my efforts in preserving the account. Besides, Mail2World has unlimited email storage, so I’m migrating there. There’s no need to reload the page to check for emails too, isn’t it wonderful? […]

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