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Wedding Dinner October 15, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Food and Drinks, Friendship.

Last night, I attended an ex-colleague’s wedding. His wife is so thin! They had some really beautiful photos taken as their wedding momento. It felt like I was attending my ex-company’s AD & D because of the people there. I saw the management, some of them new and my ex-colleagues (most of them have left). I think we used 3 tables. The rest should be the bride’s and groom’s friends and relatives.

There was this young guy serving our table. He was pretty polite. Of course he has to, we’re guests 😀 Anyway, I felt weird drinking tea from a glass wine. I thought tea is to be served in a tea cup? The tea felt nearly cooled. We eventually asked for warm water but it felt nearly cooled too.

When the dinner started, the flower girl, threw very little flower petals. She came back with the basket still full. Her mother said that the cleaners were going to be very happy. The floor was covered with very little petals. I’d agree on that.

I’m not sure if it’s to do with the chef but the food served was average. The 1st course had some mushrooms baked or roasted which I don’t know how it was cooked but it tasted delicious. There were some other things that came with it. I like the dessert, mango pudding.
Throughout the dinner, I took some photos. I missed out on the bride and groom though. Darn.



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