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Shocking News October 11, 2006

Posted by WishBoNe in Random Thoughts.

Nuclear test has passed for North Korea. How thoughtful of them to announce to the world. China has condemned it for carrying on with the tests. What is Pongyang thinking? To show off that they are able to fight off the rest of the world that they will be able to protect themselves?

To show that they’re not intidimated by the USA? To show that they will destroy the world should they ever be threatened? Their people don’t seem to have enough food to survive the daily needs and all the money’s being spent on such tests that won’t feed them.

Will there be a Waterworld one day in the future as depicted in Waterworld? Will Dryland be a fantasy world that used to exist? Will we become extinct like the dinosaurs? Will it just be the sun and the 8 planets?

I guess, by that time, the air and the sea may take another 5,000 years to be unpolluted.



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